Hydraulic Fast Speed Paper Plate Machine

This hydraulic type paper plate (dish) forming machine is independent research and developed according to the market. It’ s for plates in small sizes and shallow depth. It has many functions of automatic paper-feeding, heating forming, automatic outputting, constant temperature control, automatic counting & collecting. It’ s an idea equipment for producing round plates, square plates in production line.

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Production Capacity

90-120PCS/min (2 Working Stations)

Required Material

100—600gsm (pe paper /paperboard, aluminum foil paper and other papers)

Plate’s Range

5 inch-11 inch Maximum paper diameter 300mm

Air Supply Requirement

Working pressure: 0.8mpa, gas volume:0.3-0.6 m3/min

Total Power

220V/380V 50/60HZ
8.5KW for Cylinder
14.5KW for Hydraulic

Overall Dimensions




Detail About Hydraulic Fast Speed Paper Plate Machine


  1. its body frame was built by 2 pieces of thicker iron plate and optical axis. without welding, higher precision, running stability, long service life.
  2. The paper products will be delivered into the mold section (up and lower mold) which is controlled by PLC, it is detected by two Photoelectric sensors, after molding, two air pipe will blow the plate off the mold.
  3. PLC control panel with touch screen,Machine is controlled by PLC, with mold heating, Photoelectric sensors, touch screen. Custom designed electrical parts is available.
  4. it adopts mechanical working in paper-feeding, it’ s more stable than traditional feeding technology and the rejection rate is greatly reduced
  5. it with humanized design, automatic counting system and collection, it can save more human resource than traditional machine
  6. it can equipped with packing machine(paper plates packaging film) and labeling machine(the label after packaging). It’ s suitable for production line.
  7. With one fan to freeze and 7.5kw motor to cycle the oil lubrication when working.

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